Most Frequent Questions

Arts & Crafts

SkillsnMore ’s arts & crafts classes are designed with fun activities that involve the use of basic materials available in your house to build beautiful products. It also includes the basics of drawing.

There are no specific sessions. You can enrol your kid into our online arts & crafts classes anytime as per your convenience.

Yes, the live arts & crafts sessions allow your kid to interact with the teachers and other kids present in the class.

Kids within the age group of 5 years to 15 years can enrol in SkillsnMore ’s arts and crafts classes.

Yes, we are offering demo classes for our arts & crafts classes. Please contact the SkillsnMore team for more details.


Our fitness may or may not be a mix of young and adults. Some sessions will be grouped into young and adults while a few sessions may include a mix.

Our fitness classes focus on strengthening your body and mind. It starts with simple warm-up exercises, followed by yoga postures and meditation. We have the purpose of driving you towards an active and healthy life.

There are specific slots for fitness sessions. You can choose the desired slot as per session availability at your convenience.

Yes, our teacher is an experienced yoga trainer, who guides you during the exercise and provides special instructions if you have informed the teacher about your injury or pain.

Our fitness classes include yoga, therapy, freehand exercises, and meditation.


Our mathematical pedagogy has been developed with simple exercises that help in building a block-by-block foundation of the fundamental concepts of mathematics. Every curriculum has been designed as per the age and learning capacity of the kids.

Our online math classes involve interactive sessions to build the foundation of mathematical concepts that would help to understand complex problems of math in the future.

Yes, our teacher ensures to pay personal attention to every kid during the online math classes.

Our online math teachers may or may not assign homework to kids. We focus on their learning progress in the class through different exercises.

Our math classes are held by experienced teachers who can make mathematical learning fun through different activities thereby helping kids to get rid of math phobia.


Yes, you need to buy the instrument which you want to learn.

The classes are grouped as per the stage of learning. At times, it may be grouped as per age groups.

Our teachers recommend kids practice music regularly and dedicatedly to acquire the art of instrument playing.

Our teachers are dedicated to helping your kid learn music at every step. In case your kid finds it hard to follow, feel free to communicate it to our teachers.

We understand the importance of health. If your kid misses a class due to illness, you can ask our teacher for guidance.

Sketching & Drawing

Our online sketch and drawing classes are designed for teaching young kids the basics of drawing. From how to hold a pencil to different shading techniques, our teacher guides your kid through the art journey to create beautiful sketches.

Our online drawing classes may extend up to 3 to 4 hours. Our teachers provide some breaks to avoid monotony and bring back the attention of kids.

Your kid can communicate to the teacher in the class itself by speaking up just like normal classes.

You can expect your kids to experience an enjoyable learning journey through different interactive sessions. Our teacher helps your kid develop basic sketching skills to advance towards different genres of art.

Our teacher allows kids to express their learning through different simple projects. We can check the learning progress from the art your kids create.

Vedic Maths

While normal mathematics class focuses on concepts, Vedic math focuses on strengthening mental math. It helps kids develop the mental capability for rapid calculation in their minds.

Yes, Vedic math helps kids to regain their confidence in problem-solving by helping them with aids that will help them calculate faster accurately.

Vedic math sessions enable your kids to learn tips and tricks to mentally calculate even with big numbers. You can expect your kids to learn mental mathematics that will be an advantage to their upcoming education.

Our live math classes are interactive and kids can speak when permitted by the teacher. We also offer doubt clearing sessions.

Vedic math is a mental learning process. We provide personalized attention to every kid’s learning progress. You may check your kid’s learning progress by asking simple mathematical questions.


SkillsnMore has designed Hindi classes for kids to learn from basic to advanced levels of the language. Our Hindi tutor handholds your kid from recognizing the alphabet to the formation of works to building sentences in Hindi. They encourage conversation in Hindi during the class for bringing fluency in spoken Hindi.

A parent must notify the tutor beforehand in case of absenteeism. Our tutor can provide an alternate class or help personally to cover up the missed topic.

Our Hindi tutor provides personalized attention to every student. If your kid faces problems in learning Hindi, our tutors will guide him to overcome the hurdles in his learning progress.

Yes, our live Hindi classes are interactive and enable your kid to convey his doubts to the tutor during or after the class.

Yes, Our main goal is to introduce the kids to get familiar with the language and introduce it in their daily lives. We emphasise teaching Hindi lessons for everyday use.


Our English tutors are experienced to teach kids and help them build a strong foundation in the English language through different interactive exercises.

Learning progress is determined by our English tutors during the classes. They provide different exercises and tests to understand how well the kids are learning from the classes.

Yes, we encourage kids to speak in English during the classes as well as at home. Our English tutors always have conversations in English with the kids to enhance their fluency.

The learning capability varies with every child. While a child may grasp a new language in a few weeks, some may take months or a year.

In case of query, your kid may raise his hand during the class or ask the teacher at the end of the class.