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Swati Dhanopiya

Art & Craft, Sketching & Drawing


Swati Dhanopiya is a creative and accomplished young woman from Rajasthan, India. She's a master of many talents, with an M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry and a background in the banking industry as a Trade Desk Officer at ICICI Bank. But her true passion lies in the arts. Swati is a seasoned artist, with a wide range of skills including Phad painting, Mandala art, sketching, portraits, acrylic painting, oil painting, colored pencil artworks, clay and ceramic works, pots designing, house decoration, party decorations, and paper crafts. With her keen eye for detail and unique creativity, Swati has won several awards in science fare poster competitions in school and is sure to make an impact in the art world. Keep an eye out for her work, you won't be disappointed!


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